What is this?

Hello there, if you landed on this page is because your activity or your IP triggered the website’s security firewall.

Unfortunately your access to main website is limited or restricted.

Sorry for the inconvenience and contact us if you believe this action was an error

Factors or activity which triggers security firewall:

  • access main website via cloud environment  or iframe
  • access system page – backend page or function
  • IP’s who send POST requests with blank User-Agent and Referer
  • multiple login/register attempts defined as brute-force login attempt
  • attempt of uploading malicious file/s
  • attempt SQL Injection
  • attempt XSS: Cross Site Scripting
  • lfi – Directory Traversal
  • lfi – LFI: Local File Inclusion
  • xxe – XXE: External Entity Expansion
  • xss – XSS HTML injection in inline JavaScript
  • rfi – Remote File Inclusion
  • Arbitrary File Upload
  • Remote File Download
  • Remote Code Execution
  • deface
  • multiple accounts
  • abusive crawlers, bots, aggregation services for feeds